Tech Support for Business.

We’ve been serving businesses large and small for more than two decades. How can we help keep your business running smoothly?

How we can help

CSTSG is a progressive and dynamic company, we can help our SME clients in a multitude of different areas, offering the best, most reliable and affordable solutions for the challenges we are asked to resolve.

Speed is critical in responding to your issues and we are ready to help at a moment’s notice with any situation within and a lot of times outside our remit, which continues to increase the services we offer.

Design, planning and execution are the cornerstones of our business, but if you need professionals on site who can think on their feet whilst under pressure then we are here to help.

If you are looking for a company that can help with any aspect of your technology whether you require a small one off job or a full turn key solution, then CSTSG can help.

It is important to know your clients which is why you won’t find us hiding in an office with only remote connect support and helpdesk services, unless that is what you want, then we are happy to oblige.

Each member of the company from the last person to join the team to the first person who set it up are available to discuss your requirements making a highly flexible and cohesive team.

High-Definition CCTV (IP CCTV)

With the convergence of technologies and the use of network cable infrastructure to power and transport recorded high definition images, it is an obvious addition to the services that CSTSG provide, a solution to a client’s problem that has become a permanent part of company’s service and installation portfolio. Our experience in the design and installation of CAT5 and CAT6 network cabling merges perfectly with IP CCTV. If you have warehouse, office, house or a shed, if it is in a remote location or in a busy town or city we can help offer a little more piece of mind and with our remote access technologies there is no need to have any complicated configurations to monitor live or recorded images.

Network Design

A reliable and efficient network requires a few things one of the most important is good design, with nearly two decades of experience in this area we help our clients with their new and any additional work on existing infrastructure.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

This is an area of our field of expertise that in recent years has seen some dramatic leaps forward in the ease in which a hardware VPN can be installed offering a reliable connection between offices that boasts bank level encryption.

Disaster Recovery (DR)

Many companies find themselves exposed to insurance companies refusing to offer policies because they have no Disaster Recovery (DR) plan for their data in place if the worst were to happen. CSTSG Ltd help our clients by designing, writing, implementing a suitable plan for companies in the SME sector.

AVG Cloud Care

A world-renowned suite of programs is offered by AVG to help combat and protect the most sensitive areas of a company’s operation, its data; Internet security and cloud encrypted backup technologies are managed by CSTSG to enable the smooth running of these aspects of our client’s day to day security.

Microsoft Managed Service Partner

CSTSG Ltd is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) offering cloud based enterprise email and other collaboration technologies that grow with and at the same pace as our clients. With the very latest Microsoft Server operating systems integration between onsite servers and cloud services are seamless.